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What’s the healthiest vape?

healthiest vape

If you’re health-conscious and looking for the healthiest disposable vape, the Monvaper brand is the first that promises big health benefits.  You might be wondering what the healthiest option is; Monvaper disposable vapes contain vitamins or other supplements with nicotine and tout claims of boosted energy, increased immunity, and a better night’s sleep. After all, […]

What does vaping for the first time feel like?

first time vaping

Everyone experiences mixed feelings like nervousness and excitement the first time vaping they do something, and vaping is not an exemption. You may be used to traditional cigarettes, but this article will give you the necessary information you may need to make your transition a swift one. If you do not have anyone close to […]

Which Disposable Vape is Best?

best disposable vape

At Disposablepod, we frequently get asked which disposable vape is best? Popularity of disposable vapes in 2022 is, needless to say. These pre-charged and pre-filled vaping devices have won quite a few people’s hearts through their tiny size, minimalist operations, and numerous flavor options. From the brand side, the quest to produce the best disposable […]

China’s Vape Industry: Consumption Tax to be Imposed from November 1

 October 27, 2022  Reprinted from China Briefing Written byArendse Huld Reading Time:18 minutes China’s Vape Industry: Another set of regulations has been imposed on the vaping business in China. The new regulations expand on the decision to classify e-cigarettes and vape, goods as tobacco products and bring the industry under the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration’s jurisdiction, […]