Middle East: The Gateway for Chinese E-Cigarette Distribution


The Middle East has become a pivotal hub for Chinese e-cigarette companies looking to expand their global reach. With Dubai alone dispatching 24 million e-cigarettes monthly to regions such as the UAE, Afghanistan, and beyond, the market for both bottled e-liquids and overall distribution is highly lucrative. Additionally, the prevalent Cash On Delivery (COD) logistics model in the Middle East makes it easier for businesses to penetrate the market.

Channel Distribution

Dubai as a Trade Center

Dubai, known as a global trade center, serves as a major transit point for e-cigarette distribution. While Dragon Mart in Dubai is not the core of the e-cigarette channel, it plays a significant role. The real channels are embedded within the established systems of hookah and tobacco.

  • Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, about 80% of e-cigarette supplies come from Dubai’s Dragon Mart. Local retailers range from individual stores to small chains, with the largest chain having 16 stores. The demand is mainly for high-puff-count e-cigarettes (up to 8000 puffs).

  • Sharjah and Ajman

Sharjah and Ajman source 30% of their e-cigarettes from Yiwu, China. These areas see larger orders, with demands for up to 20k units. The supply here also radiates to other regions within the UAE.

  • Dubai’s Distribution Network

In Dubai’s Dragon Mart, around 50 e-cigarette merchants operate, with only four acting as secondary agents. The major distributors operate behind the scenes, dominating the channel. A mere 10% of e-cigarettes are consumed locally in Dubai; the remaining 90% are distributed to the UAE, Afghanistan, India, and even South Africa.

  • Deira and Dubai Bay

The primary distributors are not located in Dragon Mart but in Deira and Dubai Bay, controlled by early Arab settlers and later by Bangladeshi and Pakistani traders. The most effective way to penetrate the e-cigarette market is through the hookah and tobacco channels.

E-Cigarette Landscape

Product and Brand Presence

In Dragon Mart, popular brands include YUOTO and Vaporesso, with new stars like ELF BAR and Monvaper emerging. Retail stores often combine hookah, large e-cigarettes, and small e-cigarettes.

Local Retailers

  • In Dubai Bay, major brand agents like MY VAPERY, with 26 stores, play a key role.
  • In Abu Dhabi, retailers like DON VAPES and VAPE GATE source their products from Dragon Mart. Prominent brands include Monvaper, SMOK, and ELF BAR. Shops are often managed by Bangladeshi, Indian, and Egyptian owners.
  • In Ajman and Sharjah, stores such as VAPECITY and AL TAQDEER offer brands like VAPORESSO, VOOPOO, GEEK VAPE, and Monvaper. Disposable e-cigarettes with 600 to 8000 puffs are particularly popular. Monvaper’s latest product, the M20 with 20,000 puffs, is also making significant inroads into these markets due to its extended usage and superior quality. For more details on the M20, visit Monvaper M20.

Sales Volume and Logistics

Dubai distributes 24 million e-cigarettes monthly across the UAE and neighboring regions, primarily through two core logistics providers, with Giant International Logistics handling 80% of the distribution. The use of cash-on-delivery (COD) logistics is a significant factor in the region, facilitating transactions and increasing consumer trust. This payment method helps businesses reduce the risk of non-payment and makes it easier for customers to receive and pay for their orders upon delivery.

Middle Eastern Market and COD Services by Monvaper

As a leading e-cigarette company, Monvaper has established a robust presence in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Our company offers comprehensive COD logistics services, ensuring that our products reach consumers efficiently and securely. This service has significantly boosted our market penetration, as it aligns perfectly with the purchasing preferences of Middle Eastern customers who prefer to pay upon delivery.

By leveraging Monvaper’s extensive COD logistics network, e-cigarette businesses can ensure smooth operations and high customer satisfaction. Our logistics solutions are designed to handle the high volume of e-cigarette shipments, reflecting the substantial demand in the region. For more details or inquiries, please contact our representatives in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

Market Trends and Future Prospects

Disposable E-Cigarettes

The market for high-puff disposable e-cigarettes is booming. Open-system e-cigarettes might also see a rise next year, offering a new growth avenue.

Chinese Companies’ Strategy

Chinese companies thriving in this market are those with strong self-branded products. Establishing local offices can help these companies push their products into adjacent markets. The Middle East offers a buffer against the restrictive policies of Western countries and serves as a testing ground for new products.


The Middle East, particularly Dubai, serves as a key distribution hub for Chinese e-cigarette companies, facilitating expansive reach into the UAE, Afghanistan, and beyond, with the prevalent Cash On Delivery logistics model enhancing market penetration and consumer trust. Monvaper’s COD logistics services play a crucial role in this thriving market.

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