Mon X10 10000 Puffs vs Elf Bar BC 10000 Puffs: A Disposable Vape Showdown

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, an array of BIG VAPE –10000 PUFFS products flood the market.

Among them, Mon X10 10000 Puffs and Elf Bar BC 10000, representing disposable vapes, have garnered significant attention. This article will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of these two products, aiding you in making informed decisions.

Mon X10 10000 Puffs vs Elf Bar BC 10000 Puffs

Let’s talk about the Conclusion first:

As the leader of VAPE , ELFBAR is debugging and selection of e-cigarette flavors will be more in line with the experience of ordinary users based on its strong supply chain and mature market data, so the flavor will be more popular among people. And the same product has more flavors to choose from.
But at the same time, there is a fatal disadvantage: cost-effectiveness. Due to the brand effect, elfbar will have a 10~20% premium over similar products.
As an emerging brand, monvaper has its own special advantages as a large-volume product – DMC technology, which will be mentioned below. At the same time, the X10 model is their flagship product, and it has its own special but impressive flavor adjustment. The unforgettable fragrance has an experience closer to that of elfbar.

A week of taking 10000 PUFFS experience: (lucy, vivian, jacky)

elfbar bc10000
elfbar bc10000

Lucy’s review:

ELFBAR BC 10000: Initial flavour is good, strawberry banana flavour is chosen, but there is a problem of flavour degradation after 5000~6000 PUFFS, 18ml capacity is enough for a week’s use, but it is estimated to be only about 8000 puffs, which is in line with the labelled data.

Monvaper X10: Strong initial flavour, decays with battery but maintains a high level of flavour, 20ml capacity and 800mAh battery. No moisture at all, same use basically used for close to 10 days

Lucy’s opinion: For Lucy, although the ELFBAR BC 10000 had a big capacity and good initial flavour, she preferred the Monvaper X10 for its larger capacity, longer battery life and consistently stable flavour, albeit with a design gap in relation to the BC 10000.

Vivian’s review:

ELFBAR BC 10000: The flavour was great at first, but it was interrupted for half a day during use due to lack of power, and a full charge lasted about 2 days. It was enough to last me about 1 week, but since it was interrupted halfway through, it should only be good for 5 days of use, and it’s more comfortable to hold.

Monvaper X10 10000 : Initial flavour is very strong and lasts a long time to maintain a good flavour, I basically only charge it once every 3 days due to the 800mAh battery, but it still maintains a good flavour experience even with the loss of power. The vape lasted about 8 days.

Vivian’s Opinion: Like Lucy, Vivian had a more positive experience with the Monvaper X10, valuing its long-lasting flavour and larger capacity for her usage needs.

Jacky’s review:

ELFBAR BC 10000 : Loyal elfbar fan, 100% out of 100% for all elfbar flavours, and the 10,000puffs capacity is even more cost effective than with the bc5000. It can do 2x the life of the BC 5000, but I feel it’s too big to carry around or have a noticeable weight
Monvaper X10: The 20ml capacity and 800mAh battery resulted in the fifth day of my use It was only when I realised the battery was dead, and only when I couldn’t smoke it, by the time I recharged it, I realised this thing really is awesome, perfect range and non-decaying flavour. I’d recommend this even more for larger puffs.

Jacky’s Opinion: Jacky prefers Monvaper X10 because it has more volume and long lasting flavour, although flavour wise elfbar is better, but for big mouthfuls, it’s the drop in flavour that kills it, and in a market of 5000 puffs, going for elfbar would be the better choice.So for small sizes – below 5000 puffs without considering price would prioritize elfbar

Conclusion :

ELFBAR’s BC 10000 has been tested by our test team and can only go up to 7300~8500 PUFFS experience, in the first 3000puffs for the flavour are able to maintain the flavour at about 70% of the flavour, but in 5000~6000 PUFFS or after the lack of electricity battery weakening there is a significant flavour drop. This is a common problem with large puffs of disposable vape.

The X10 can be exceptionally flavourful in the first 6000 puffs but is relatively lack of choice for the flavour options, hopefully there will be more flavour options to follow that will be very impressive, but as the battery fades, the flavour will follow suit. But interestingly, after a week of repeated charging and mimicking daily use, the loss of flavour didn’t diminish and disappear over time as the battery was replenished, and it was able to basically maintain the first 1,000 puffs at 75~85%. It was not until about 8500~9000 puffs of VAPE Oil were used up that we noticed it, and there would be a burnsing flavour (at first we thought it was a quality issue, but in fact it was the oil that was consumed)


Advantages of Elf Bar BC 10000 PUFFS:

1. Outstanding Atomizer Design: Elf Bar BC 10000 utilizes a quad mesh coil atomizer, providing users with exceptional flavor and taste. The top flavor in vape industry

2. Large Capacity than BC 5000 : The device boasts a substantial liquid capacity of 18ml, making it an ideal choice for long-term users.

3. Type-C Charging Port: The charging interface also adopts the Type-C design, supporting fast charging for enhanced user efficiency.

Disadvantages of Elf Bar BC 10000 puffs:

1. Relatively Large Size Compared to X10: The device is relatively large, potentially feeling cumbersome for some users, making it less suitable for portability compared to Mon X10.

2. Difficult Atomizer Maintenance: Replacing the atomizer on Elf Bar BC 10000 is more challenging than Mon X10, requiring more maintenance operations and being relatively cumbersome.

3. High Price: As a disposable device, Elf Bar BC 10000 is generally priced higher, making it unsuitable for users on a tight budget.

4. Brand Awareness: Although Elf Bar is a well-known brand, some users still express concerns about potential hazards during prolonged use, necessitating further scrutiny compared to Mon X10.

Advantages of Mon X10:

1. Advanced Atomizer Design: Mon X10 employs a Dual Mesh Coil Atomizer, delivering superior flavor and taste compared to Elf Bar BC 10000. The flavor remains undiminished from first to end puffs.

2. Innovative Capacity: Mon X10 can hold up to 20ml of liquid, setting a record for similar products, and providing users with a more prolonged vaping experience. In comparison, Elf Bar BC 10000 holds only 18ml. Moreover, X10 boasts an 800mAh battery, ensuring extended usage.

3. Convenient Charging Interface: Equipped with a Type-C charging port, the X10 offers more convenient and efficient charging, supporting fast charging for an improved user experience.

4. Relatively LOW Price: X10 may be the best choice for users on a limited budget.

Disadvantages of Mon X10 10000 PUFFS:

1. Bulky Device Size: X10’s larger appearance may not suit all users, especially those seeking portability.

2. Relatively Complex Atomizer Maintenance: Replacing X10’s atomizer might be comparatively complex, requiring users to have a certain level of technical proficiency.

3 .Few flavours: only a small selection of 6~9 flavours, which is too little to choose from compared to the elfbar


In conclusion, MON X10 and Elf Bar BC 10000 each have their pros and cons. Users should balance personal preferences, budget constraints, and usage requirements when making a choice. The final decision depends on the user’s emphasis on specific product features. When making a purchase, users should read more reviews, understand product performance, and make a more informed decision.

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