Weekly Highlights in the E-Cigarette Industry

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This week witnessed significant changes in the global e-cigarette industry. From Poland’s government considering a ban on disposable e-cigarettes to the UK e-cigarette industry proposing a new retail and distribution licensing scheme, these initiatives will have far-reaching implications for the industry landscape. Let’s delve into the latest industry updates.

Poland Considers Banning Disposable E-Cigarettes

According to reports from the Polish news website ESKA, Wojciech Konieczny, the Deputy Minister of Health in Poland, has indicated that Poland may ban the sale of disposable e-cigarettes in the coming months to further strengthen regulation on e-cigarettes. Konieczny emphasized his support for a comprehensive ban on such products, with implementation potentially before the summer.

UK Proposes Retail and Distribution Licensing Scheme

Following the announcement of a ban on disposable e-cigarettes, the UK e-cigarette industry is preparing to submit a new proposal for a retail and distribution licensing scheme to legislators. The scheme aims to standardize the e-cigarette market and ensure product quality and safety. The proposal will include e-cigarette governance and regulatory mechanisms, as well as eligibility criteria for businesses.

Belgium Imposes Tax on E-Cigarette Liquid

Recent reports indicate that Belgium is imposing a tax of 15 cents per milliliter on e-cigarette liquid. This measure aims to increase government revenue and may impact the prices and consumer behavior in the e-cigarette market.

Australia Strengthens Crackdown on E-Cigarette Smuggling

The Australian government has allocated $25 million AUD to law enforcement agencies to strengthen efforts to combat the smuggling of disposable e-cigarettes. Additionally, the government plans to provide $56.9 million AUD to the Therapeutic Goods Administration over two years to enhance regulation of disposable e-cigarettes, ensuring market compliance.

Southeast Asia Emerges as a New Growth Market for E-Cigarette Companies

With intensified restrictions in the US and UK e-cigarette markets, more e-cigarette companies are turning their attention to Southeast Asia. Countries like Malaysia and the Philippines have become major export destinations for Chinese e-cigarettes, with rapid market growth presenting new opportunities for industry development.

Seven Cities in Maine, USA, Ban Flavored Nicotine Products

The town council of Hallowell voted to terminate the sale of flavored nicotine products, making it the seventh community in Maine to ban such products. Joining towns like Farmington, Portland, South Portland, Brunswick, Bangor, and Bar Harbor, Hallowell has passed similar ordinances prohibiting the sale of flavored nicotine products to address youth vaping issues and strengthen control over nicotine products to protect public health.


This week saw several significant developments in the e-cigarette industry, with governments and businesses worldwide intensifying efforts to regulate and control the e-cigarette market. These measures aim to safeguard consumer health, regulate market order, and promote sustainable industry development. We will continue to monitor industry trends and provide timely updates.

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