Which Disposable Vape is Best?

best disposable vape

At Disposablepod, we frequently get asked which disposable vape is best?

Popularity of disposable vapes in 2022 is, needless to say. These pre-charged and pre-filled vaping devices have won quite a few people’s hearts through their tiny size, minimalist operations, and numerous flavor options.

From the brand side, the quest to produce the best disposable vapes never ends. That’s why we can see continuous leaps happening in this small product over the years. Current disposables pack in bigger batteries, better-crafted coils, and load up more e-liquid; some also manage to put out at higher watts. All these updates actually aim for the same goal: better performance plus more puffs.

If you’re looking for a product to help you with a quick, smooth transition to vaping, we can’t recommend disposables enough. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best disposable vapes, all of which have vibrant flavors and high puff counts. Enjoy your hassle-free flavor-chasing journey!


Monvaper is a brand with the greatest disposable vape pod flavors in prefilled nicotine pods that give the best smoking taste.  Mon Eko Bar is the latest model introduced by Monvaper. It contains 7.3 ml flavor liquid with an 1100 mAh strong battery.

Eko Bar vape is available in blueberry ice, cola ice, energy drink, grape ice, lychee ice, peach ice, strawberry watermelon, tropical mango, and watermelon ice. All flavors give a natural fruity feel. Check out Mon Eko Bar disposable vape of Monvaper Brand.

Our online smoker outlet delivers these vapes at the best economical prices to all our wholesalers. Enjoy these natural fruit flavors with ice! Moreover, Mon EKO Bar cool vapes are very easy to carry in long-distance travel. These vapes are long-lasting, and there is no need to recharge these vapes. Monvaper manufactures these vapes with mech coil by considering heavy smokers. Mesh coil prevents these vapes from heat, and you can enjoy the refreshing flavors of smoke for a long time.

Mon EKO Bar disposable vape is available at an online smoker’s outlet. Monvaper also offers free shipping on all e-cigarettes at a low price. Don’t miss the opportunity to wholesale e-cigarettes.


Elf Bar BC5000 comes with a unique flagon shape and is embellished with stylish color gradients on the shell. By offering a huge selection of well-blended flavors and advanced dual mesh coil tech, it has surpassed the performance of any typical disposable vape. As the name suggests, it lasts up to 5000 hits. Elf Bar BC series has a couple of other puff count options on offer, including 3000, 4000, and 5000.

Each Elf Bar disposable vape is rechargeable which takes the stress out of running out of power, So The contrasting colors of this handheld vape pen provide enjoyment and personality on every puff! 

Buy Elf Bar BC5000 disposable vapes at wholesale prices with a 650mAh rechargeable battery.

RandM Tornado 7000

RandM Tornado 7000 is a disposable vape device with airflow control and is rechargeable. It contains 2ml of e-liquid with 5% salts and can deliver up to 7000 puffs. You can choose from 20 flavors. Airflow control allows you to choose the best position. It also comes with a rechargeable Type-C port on the bottom of the device, so you can finish every drop of vaping in the can at any time. Buy RandM Tornado 7000 Puffs disposable vapes at wholesale prices.

Disposable Pod offers top-quality and branded vapes. You can find it among all the online vape shops in the UK, Canada, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, and Germany. Choose your favorite RandM Tornado 7000 disposable vape pod and offer it to your friends. However, it will lead them to a healthier lifestyle. Disposable Pod delivers your product to your doorstep promptly. 

Geek Bar S600

Geek Bar vape has seen tremendously positive receptions to their disposable tech, and their latest disposable is bound to impress!

The Geek Bar S600 sees a complete overhaul of the vape’s design, So which is now presented as a satisfying slab of lightweight, colorful joy and features a more comfortable mouthpiece.

S600 is pre-filled with 2mls of 20mg nicotine salt vape juice in a wide array of fancy flavors. The 500mAh battery is capable of delivering up to 600 pleasant puffs, easily enough for a couple of days of relief. 

Buy Geek Bar 600 Puffs disposable vapes at wholesale prices.

BREEZE Pro 2000 Puffs Vape

Next-gen vaping has arrived from Breeze Smoke. Now featuring an advanced Mesh Coil design to enhance your vaping experience, the Breeze Pro disposable is truly a next-generation disposable vape.

However, The Breeze Pro is an improved and more powerful, longer-lasting, and better version of its predecessor, the Breeze Plus. It comes in many delicious flavors and has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery, 6ml of E-Liquid, and 5% salt nicotine.

This makes it last about 2000 puffs per disposable, so it will last you a very long time, tasting great the whole time. The flavors are mouth-watering, and it will satisfy your craving. This will be your new favorite disposable. Buy Breeze Pro 2000 Puffs disposable vapes at wholesale prices.

If you’re looking for something good, buying a disposable vape will make sense. However, there are many other options available online as well. You should consider your budget before buying any type of electronic cigarette. Visit our online vape shop, where we stock the best and latest disposable vapes.

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