Difference Between E-LIQUIDS and Shortfills

TPD Liquid Regulations

What Difference between E-LIQUIDS and Shortfills?
At Disposablepod, we pride ourselves on being completely clear with our clients and you fully understand the difference between E-LIQUIDS and Shortfills, what PG and VG stand for, and a brief overview of what TPD is.
That’s why we’ve listed the following so you can fully understand the difference between Eliquid and Shortfill, laws and regulations regarding the use of tobacco products and vaping devices, some key facts about Eliquid, what is Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is and why Eliquid products are short-filled.

TPD Liquid Regulations

The Tobacco Products Directive (also known as TPD) is a regulation passed by the European Union in 2014. This law governs the manufacture, display, and sale of any tobacco and related products. These include cigarettes, rolling cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and their products, such as short-fill bottles, and any herbal products used for smoking.

In particular, this directive includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stop cigarettes and cigarettes emphasize flavor.
  • The entire tobacco industry is required to report to all EU countries the ingredients they use in their products.
  • Promoting and misleading content on any tobacco product designed for smoking is prohibited.
  • Require at least 65% of the front and back of cigarettes and cigarette products to see health warnings – (pictures, text, and information on how to quit smoking).
  • Prescribes safety, quality, and any notification requirements for E-cigarettes.

Article 20 of the TPD sets out the rules for e-cigarettes sold as products to consumers.

This sets the maximum nicotine concentration and volume for cartridges, cans, pods, and any nicotine Eliquid container. These should also be child and tamper resistant, with a mechanism that enables you to refill it without spilling stuff. E-cigarette ingredients must be of high purity, and e-cigarettes should deliver the same amount of nicotine when inhaled at the same intensity and for the same duration.

Health warnings on all vaping products must inform consumers that they do contain nicotine and should not be used by non-smokers. Impact flyer. Promotional elements are prohibited on any packaging and advertising e-cigarettes.

E-liquids (what are they?)

E-liquid, also known as e-liquid, is a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavorings, and sometimes nicotine. This liquid is available in a variety of PG/VG ratios and nicotine strengths. Typically, most smokers who switch to e-cigarettes start with high-nicotine juices and move to lower-strength juices over time. There are some additional differences, we will discuss the differences between Eliquid and Shortfill later.

PG – VG and Nicotine

When it comes to e-liquid, two terms keep appearing: PG and VG. This may seem confusing to newbies, but knowing these two ingredients can greatly improve your vaping experience. PG and VG are flavorless liquids that are combined with flavors and nicotine (if desired) to make e-liquids. Both PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) produce vapors when heated, allowing them to be inhaled. The two liquids are different in consistency and taste slightly different, creating different sensations in the mouth and throat when vaping. Most modern e-liquids use a combination of the two liquids, however, the ratios can vary widely. Some vaping settings only work with certain levels of PG and VG, so it’s important to choose the right level for your device.

E-LIQUIDS and Shortfills — Shortfills

Since the introduction of the TPD (Tobacco and Related Products) regulations, the size of e-liquid bottles containing nicotine has been restricted. To help e-cigarette users who prefer to create their own nicotine percentage in their e-cigarettes and give them more choice and flexibility in their choice of e-liquid flavors, short-fill bottles have been introduced. Short-fill bottles are only partially filled with nicotine-free e-liquid, leaving space in the bottle for the introduction of a measured dose of nicotine, allowing the user to control the percentage of nicotine in the final mix. These nic-shots are purchased individually and usually come in 10ml bottles, while short-fill bottles are usually pre-filled with 50ml, with enough room to add a full 10ml nic-shot if needed.

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