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China’s Vape Industry: Consumption Tax to be Imposed from November 1

 October 27, 2022  Reprinted from China Briefing Written byArendse Huld Reading Time:18 minutes China’s Vape Industry: Another set of regulations has been imposed on the vaping business in China. The new regulations expand on the decision to classify e-cigarettes and vape, goods as tobacco products and bring the industry under the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration’s jurisdiction, […]

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength?If you’re considering switching from smoking to vaping, making sure you’re choosing the right level of Nicotine Strength in your vaping cigarette is an important part of a smooth transition. If you don’t reach the amount of nicotine you use when you smoke, you may revert to cigarettes. Therefore, nicotine concentration […]

About DisposablePod Vapes Revealed–7 Misconceptions

About DisposablePod Vapes Revealed

About DisposablePod Vapes Revealed. Are you in the US, China, or Canada? If yes, the Disposable pod may not be new. E-cigarettes with Disposablepod have been a new revolution in recent months. Both ex-smokers and vapers are joining the trend. People are creating myths about Disposablepod e-cigarettes and you know what those myths are. With […]

Vaping vs Smoking, which is better for you?


Vaping vs Smoking, which is better for you? Vaping involves drawing in and exhaling fumes from different essences and nicotine, smoking is breathing in air from burning tobacco. Currently, there’s an increase in the use of e-cigarettes, also known as vaping. Many people are switching to vaping as an alternative to smoking. One of the […]